American College of Surgeons
My Courses Education Center: NSQIP: October 2013: SCR Certification Examination


  • There are two exam portions to complete: Multiple Choice and Case Study. You must pass both portions of the exam.
  • You must obtain an 80% score or greater to pass each portion of the exam.
  • Do not retake an exam portion if you have passed. Your score will be reset to zero, and your previous score will be lost.
  • You do not need to complete the exam in one sitting. You may log out and then log back in at a later time to resume your exam.
  • To exit your exam:
    • Click the red "X " button in the upper right corner of the exam browser window.  
  • To resume the exam where you left off:
    • Upon re-entering the exam, you will be prompted if you would like to resume the exam where you left off.
    • Answer "Yes" to "Would you like to resume where you left off?"
      • If you answer "No", your exam will be reset and you will lose your progress.
  • Use only "Internet Explorer" to take this exam, as other browsers may not report your score correctly.
  • Please turn off any "pop-up blockers" you have installed on your browser. "Pop-up blockers" will prevent the exam from loading correctly.
    • NOTE: Two browser windows will pop-up when you launch your exam. One window appears blank and one window contains your exam. Keep both of these windows "open". If you close either window, you will exit the exam.
  • It is recommended that you close all non-essential computer programs/applications while taking the exam for ease of exam loading.
  • You may print a Certificate of Completion on the last page of the exam. We recommend taking the exam on a computer with access to a printer to facilitate printing your Certificate of Completion. (Alternatively, you may use Adobe Acrobat to save your certificate as a PDF). Once you exit the exam, you will not have another opportunity to print your certificate.

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