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Medical Student and Resident Resources
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ACS Smoking Cessation Online Course

It Pays for Your Patients to Quit Smoking Before Surgery: Outcomes, Interventions and Reimbursement

An E-Learning, 1 CME accredited program for surgical practitioners to detail the effects of nicotine and smoking on surgical outcomes, the benefits of counseling and pharmacotherapy, the appropriate codes and reimbursement benefits for smoking cessation counseling and resources for surgeons and patients titled "It pays for your patients to Quit Smoking before surgery: Outcomes, Interventions and Reimbursement."

Fellows - $40
Associates - $40
Resident Members - $25
Affiliate MD/DO Members - $40
Medical Students - $25
Non-Members - $65

ACS Surgery Resident OSCE DVD ACS Surgery Resident Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) DVD

The ACS Surgery Resident Objective Structured Clinical Examination was developed as a tool for assessing the entry level knowledge and skills of PGY-1 surgery residents in delivering safe care to surgery patients with critical and life-threatening conditions. The OSCE is intended as a formative evaluation tool for providing residents with constructive feedback regarding their management of critical situations that they are likely to encounter, particularly when they are on call. Ten scenarios have been developed that unfold during a 10-minute clinical encounter and a five-minute written post-encounter. Cases include the traditional use of standardized patients (SPs), as well as telephone conversations and encounters with standardized nurses and medical students. The OSCE is designed for use by any residency program, regardless of previous experience with OSCEs or availability of a SP training program or facility. This program includes two parts: a CD that provides all the written materials and instructions needed to prepare for and administer the OSCE, and a DVD that provides a gold standard performance of each clinical scenario being portrayed by a SP and resident. This project was supported by grant number U18 HS12021 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Developed by the American College of Surgeons Division of Education. 2008.

Price: Free


ATLS ® for Doctors Student Manual with DVD, 8th Edition ATLS ® for Doctors Student Manual with DVD, 8th Edition

The ATLS® Program was developed to teach doctors one safe, reliable method for assessing and initially managing the trauma patient. The course teaches an organized approach for evaluation and management of seriously injured patients and offers a foundation of common knowledge for all members of the trauma team. The emphasis is on the critical "first hour" of care, focusing on initial assessment, lifesaving intervention, reevaluation, stabilization, and, when needed, transfer to a trauma center. This publication was written for use in ATLS® Student Courses and is updated approximately every four years. This 8th edition manual, released in October 2008, features over 100 color images and includes a DVD with skills from the course demonstrated in video segments. You will receive this book if you take an ATLS® course.

Price: $100 each

Disclosing Surgical Error Vignettes DVD Disclosing Surgical Error: Vignettes for Discussion (DVD)

This educational DVD (Windows and MAC platform) provides teaching tools to stimulate dialogue regarding strategies for communicating effectively about surgical errors and adverse outcomes with patients and their families. The vignettes on the DVD involve a surgeon who encountered major arterial bleeding after inserting a Veress needle to insufflate the patient’s abdomen during a routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The scenes depict the surgeon discussing the error and current status of the patient with the family, and may be used as the basis of discussion regarding the disclosure of errors and adverse events, as well as effective and ineffective approaches to disclosure. The DVD’s vignettes—the first of which illustrates an interaction in which the disclosure could be improved significantly, while the second vignette demonstrates strategies for breaking bad news more effectively—may be used as freestanding trigger tapes for small group discussions with surgeons, surgical residents, or medical students, or may be incorporated into a comprehensive course.

The content does not provide legal advice, nor does it establish the standard of care on disclosing surgical error. This project was supported by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Grant U18 HS12021 and is free of charge. Developed by the ACS Division of Education.

Price: Free


Patient Education ACS Chapter Leader Sample Pack

Patient Education ACS Chapter Leader Sample Pack

The Patient Education ACS Chapter Leader Sample Pack was developed by the Patient Education Committee and the Board of Governors Patient Education Pillar. This set of sample patient education materials, including the ostomy skills kit, quit smoking before surgery brochure, inguinal hernia brochure, all product overview brochure, and one laminated table-top sign, can be used during chapter meeting presentations and accompany the PowerPoint program. The quality resources offered by the ACS meet all current requirements and have been identified to improve patient satisfaction, increase confidence in self-care, and reduce the need for additional resources.  

ACS Members:
$12.50 per pack

$40.00 per pack

Professionalism in Surgery: 2nd Edition DVD

Professionalism in Surgery: Challenges and Choices - 2nd Edition (DVD)

Watch a demo of the program HERE.

This second edition of "Professionalism in Surgery: Challenges and Choices" presents 12 new vignettes in addition to the original 12 vignettes, the American College of Surgeons "Code of Professional Conduct," and "Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter." The 24 lively vignettes depict realistic dilemmas that surgeons face in everyday practice, present possible courses of action, and highlight the principles of professionalism underlying various actions. New vignettes include titles such as "Dropped Pass," "Industry Temptations," "Molecular Mischief," and "Expert Excesses." The first edition met with wide acclaim for teaching purposes, whether used with small groups of residents or for Grand Rounds with practicing surgeons. The engaging and sometimes humorous vignettes always prompt stimulating and productive discussions. Developed by the ACS Division of Education. 2008. Please note continuing education credit (CME) is not available for this product.

Fellow / Affiliate MD-DO: $99
Non-Fellow: $150
Resident and Society (RAS) Members: $45
Surgical Resident, Non-RAS +: $75
Medical Student Members: $25
Medical Student Non-Members: $45
Other Affiliate: $45

+ Non-RAS residents must supply a letter confirming status as a resident from a program director or administrator and are limited to one CD-ROM. Fax number: 312-202-5001.


Successfully Navigating PGY1 Essentials Successfully Navigating the First Year of Surgical Residency:
Essentials for Medical Students and PGY-1 Residents


Successfully Navigating the First Year of Surgical Residency: Essentials for Medical Students and PGY-1 Residents

This Division of Education publication lists the critical cognitive, clinical, and technical skills needed to help new surgical residents be better prepared for their first year of residency training. The first section addresses the essential areas of knowledge and skills that surgical residents should possess at the beginning of the first year of residency education. The second section lists the essential areas of knowledge and skills expected of residents at the completion of the first year.

The document lays the groundwork for education and training in all surgical specialties and includes contemporary topics in surgery within the context of the six core competencies identified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (medical knowledge, patient care, professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, practice-based learning and improvement, and systems-based practice). In addition, heavy emphasis has been placed on patient safety issues.

The “Essentials” publication, which replaces the “Prerequisites for Graduate Surgical Education: A Guide for Medical Students and PGY-1 Surgical Residents, ” should be helpful to medical students interested in surgery, surgical residents, and residency program directors. The spiral-bound publication fits in a lab coat pocket for easy reference, and also is available as a downloadable file. This project was supported by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Grant U18 HS12021 and is free of charge.

Download File: Successfully Navigating the First Year of Surgical Residency: Essentials for Medical Students and PGY-1 Residents
(510K PDF)
(165K DOC)

Price: Free